Los Comales

Liberia, Costa Rica

Copyright: Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz)/Wikimedia Commons

Los Comales

Los Comales is one of the best sodas (local budget-friendly lunch restaurants) in town! You'll get traditional Costa Rican fare: the most render and juicy pechuga (chicken breast) with side of beans, two salads, rice, tortilla. This is the best place in town to try Gallo Pinto for breakfast. If you're especially hungry that day, order a side of maduros con queso frito (pan-fried plantains with fried cheese).


Dining in Liberia can be as distinct as its culture, and as most Costa Ricans love good food, dining out can become a great opportunity to mingle with locals. Make sure to try jugo de caña (sugar cane juice) and copos (snow cones), and take a stroll around town to locate your own hidden gems of authentic cooking.